Live your life for you!

A lot of people sacrifice a part of who they are, just to appear to have it all. They are so busy keeping up with appreances, that they are willing to live in turmoil as long as no one sees it. They are willing to scarifice their personal happiness and well being to statisfy an audience that does not care for them. You need to stop living for people and start living for you. Do things that will make you happy, do things that will put your mind at ease and your soul at peace. In the end people are always going to have an opinion regardless of what you do. Therefore live your life on your own terms and do not let others dictate how you should live.

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6 thoughts on “Live your life for you!

  1. Amen! A daily reminder. Stop with the people pleasing and just live your life to the fullest. Thank you for sharing this post.

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    1. Aww your welcome hun, thanks for visiting my blog , appreciate it ❤️

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  2. Sure, we should live our own lives.

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  3. Nailed it. Bang on. Living your life based on the expectations of others or having to keep up an appearance or falseness that isn’t you is far, far too common these days. Life is way too short for this type of “stage play.” When we start to live for ourselves and on our own terms not only are we at ease and our soul at peace, I think our light shines brighter and the whole universe benefits. Thanks for posting.

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    1. Your absolutely right , thank you for visiting my blog 😊

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