You can design the life you want

You might feel like your life is at a stand still. You don’t know which way you want to go. You might feel like your in the middle of the road, trying to see what lays ahead, what each choice comes with. Feeling anxiety about choosing which route to go, which one will bring happiness and which one will bring despair. But in the end you have to rely on your gps which is your heart and mind. Take a risk, take the plunge. After all there is a reason we have the reroute option, if you don’t like where one route is taking you, reroute and go a different direction.

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6 thoughts on “You can design the life you want

  1. gps…heart, I like that👌

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  2. Very true indeed! Thank YOU!!

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  3. your post is very meaningful to my moving forward with walking a new path in 2019. I am going to drown out those voices in my head thats been keeping me from taking risk and taking steps to achieve my goals and living a better quality of life.

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    1. I am so glad, may you achieve all your goals this coming year❤️


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